Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

I come from problem i don't want to be problem.

Busmantsi Prison
Jawed Nouri 
Afghan refugee in Bulgaria.
Interview made during the INFOMOBIL w2eu- tour July-August 2010 .

My name is Jawed Nouri, i am from Afghanistan citizen, and i am 24 years old
                                              and now i am in Bulgaria, looking for asylum.  Still now unsuccessful. I entered Bulgaria 2003 and still now i am here.
Why we left Afghanistan this i want to explain.
My father was General in the time of communism in Afghanistan. When the regime of communism came down the Muhahedin and other Islamic take the power and that
is why we have to leave Afghanistan. Because they shoot my father on the head, but he is living now.
They kill my uncle, my grandfather and thats why we have to leave, illegally to Pakistan. We lived in Peshawar, that time i was 6 years old. We lived illegally there in Pakistan.
To say the hole story and explain everything is impossible now, i want to shorten the explain.
I also started to work because all come very difficult for us in Pakistan, my father could not work the same work. In Pakistan they have also some discrimination of nation. I start to work i learn to make carpet, 8 years old .When i become 13 years i was specialist for carpet. One day this people understand who i am, somebody informed them and they take me as hostage and ask me where is my father.
They have Kalashnikovs, i shout and lost my one finger now, but that time they cut my three fingers. I start to run away from Pakistan also because those people know me and my father also decided i have to leave because it is danger for my Family also.

I went far from Pakistan.
I go to India, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Australia they have some islands. They put me in detention there. Not just me!